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RINGO - DRUMMER - He got his name from the sound of his spurs. Born in the foothills of the rocky mountains he grew up working as a cow punch. He drove cattle between Montana and Mexico. That hardens a man. It's been said that Ringo's Great Grandmother was half Blackfoot Indian and that they called him half breed and redskin. He learned early on how to fight and shoot better than most. He was as tough as leather and meaner than a sidewinder. He had a personality like a cornered wolverine. Ringo never started any fights, but he sure as shootin' finished 'em. The warrior spirit was alive and well in Ringo and to many he seemed 10 feet tall and bullet proof. He feared no man. Ringo developed such a reputation that a Federal Judge appointed him to the office of a United States Marshall. There's a fine line between heroes and villains. Sometimes it's tough to tell the difference between the two, so you just have to make up your own mind. I believe it was in Eldorado, Texas, during one of those cattle drives to Mexico, that's where Ringo met The Colonel. That fight never played out. No one knows why, or at least they don't talk about it. Maybe it was out of mutual respect or admiration? Maybe Ringo felt sorry for the old guy. Some say that Ringo may have met his match. Whatever it was... these men knew that destiny had brought them together and their mission would keep them together. Ringo was honored to join forces with Colonel Obadiah Gunn. After all, he was a legend. A decorated war officer who had been done wrong. They had something in common and a score to settle. Since their first encounter, Ringo remained with The Colonel. He would become his trusted friend and confidant and they would fight side by side in every adventure for years to come.

MICHAEL MANGASER - One evening just after 7:00PM on Sunday, February 9th, 1964, Michaels life changed. That's when he decided to become a musician. Born in Chicago, IL. he started violin lessons, but quickly switched to drums. He then began taking trumpet lessons, but again switched back to drums where he stayed. He joined his first group in 2nd grade and played his first gig at a local community center in the Uptown neighborhood of the city. Through school he graduated and progressed to band, jazz and orchestra. Throughout the years he continued to be involved in the local music scene while also pursuing a personal career in another direction. He has been involved with several bands Including The Windy City Band, Knight, The Sneetches and SamIAm.